Who is Shannon?

Such an easily complicated answer.

I’m a wife, mother of three busy boys, sister, Auntie, friend to a few and an educator to many.

Why have I chosen to educate people?

  • Because it helps people avoid mistakes I have made
  • Because everyone has a gift and this is mine
  • Because your success is my success

Flat out. You see I’m an honest person who is a sharer. Back in 2011 we were being evicted with a young family. We didn’t have anywhere to go and found ourselves in pickle. Within a year, we were able to purchase a home. In all seriousness we were evicted in August 2011 and purchased our home in July 2012. No cosignor, no gifts from family. Just faith in God and some know how. Fast forward 8 years later, we are still homeowners, have zero car payments and a vision to help more individuals become financially confident.

I want to say thank you. I have been wanting to blog for a while, but just lacked the discipline to do so. That’s another one of those honest moments. Although I am a new blogger, I have had success with

  • Educating clients to purchase a home within 1 year of an eviction
  • Taught clients how to save $100-600 within 30 days to become better budget-er…having control over your money is sexy.
  • Coached clients to achieve student loan debt forgiveness of $130K within 3 months

You can expect to find general education of what you can do to help you achieve these types of successes. Those individuals didn’t have some special blessing, they just worked the process.

As a licensed realtor and credit counselor, I want to help and be your one stop for all things credit and housing. Do me a favor and share the things you find valuable with friends and family and let’s get this train rolling.

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